About the payment

Price of the commodity

This website claims at the U.S. dollars.

Basic currency will be in U.S. dollars unless specifically stated in other currency on the website.

Currency notation states the inscription of the currency as "USD" for U.S. dollars and as "JPY" for Japanese Yen.

Reference price is not selling price. For your convenience, we indicate the rough price of the commodity.

Please acknowledge that reference price and the claim amount can differ because of currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Please consider that the price is for reference amount only.

Payment methods

Payments are accepted by credit card, paypal.

In regard to the tariff

Customs may require additional tariff to your bill on the Internet.

When the tariff imposes a tax, it becomes burden of the customer.

Tariff differ depending upon the country, so please verify at the customs of each country.



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  • May 09 2011.
  • Shipping charge is 15 USD at all countries and regions.