About the payment

In regard to the shipping fee

Shipping charge is 15 USD at all countries and regions.

In regard to the tariff

Customs may require additional tariff to your bill on the Internet.

When the tariff imposes a tax, it becomes burden of the customer.

Tariff differ depending upon the country, so please verify at the customs of each country.

The places which cannot do delivery

It cannot deliver the commodity to following places.

    Temporary staying such as hotels or inns

    Vicarious agency which offer vicarious service of the import.

    Vicarious service such as hold in trust of private document box, P.O.box, etc

    Military base

    In addition, delivery may not be possible under judgment by courier service.

Payment due date

Order accepts of the following business day, shipment will take usually five business days.

The delivery takes 4 - 21 business days from shipping center.

If deliver to Japan, approximately 5 day ~10 day is standard.

Please note that customs inspection or with any international affairs may delay the commodity to be arrived several days.

When it corresponds on the cases as below, we will contact the customers individually.
    In case of on-demand order

    If time is required for delivery

Term of validity of order

There are some cases that we cannot ship for any reason.

In that case, the e-mail may send to the customer for verification.

It will be canceled 14 days later in standard unless we hear from the customer.

What is the courier service?

It will be given a delivery from our courier service as for the home delivery, the ordinary post office, DHL and the UPS etc which deliver every country of the customer's house.

It is unable for customer to choose appointed service.

A consignor, statement of contents

A consignor means 'Belmo', the designated name will be given.

It is stated in regard to circumstances of customs and the convenience of transportation.

Reservation for specified time or appointed date

In regard to convenience of international delivery, it is unable to deliver with specified time or appointed date.



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  • May 09 2011.
  • Shipping charge is 15 USD at all countries and regions.